3GRT offers different input software, but in general, our receivers are compatible with a much wider range of software for gis, topography, cartography, bathymetry, etc …

3grt has been a technical partner for many years with Esri

Our partner Eos positioning (based in Canada) has become a reseller of these solutions for Canada.

Esri’s mobile solutions as a collector have been developed with the Arrow range receivers, for perfect integration with iOs, android and windows 10

TopoXplore is a mobile GIS software running Windows, Windows Mobile and Android.

Particularly powerful, its many import / export formats, its management of attribute tables makes it a versatile software rare on the market

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OCAD is more than just a card drawing software. OCAD provides you with powerful software to produce and edit any type of maps (for example, topographic maps, city maps, hiking and cycling maps, internet maps).

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OnPOZ Precision Positioning Software is a complete suite of applications that allow you to easily and accurately collect, record and post-process geospatial data.
Whatever your needs in terms of accuracy, we have the solution for you.

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MapitGis is a powerful and simple GIS field grabber app for an unbeatable price. Particularly suitable for GIS surveys, it is the ideal companion for QGis.

The software is available on Google Play

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