Grader guided by laser

Why a machine to be leveled the field guided by laser is needed?
1. Water savings: Approximately 35-45% savings in irrigation
2. Increased efficiency, laser leveling of fields helps increase yields by 50%
3. Increase the acreage, increase of about 30% of the cultivable area
4. Saves energy

Graders are attached to the rear of the tractor and are independent of any tractor brand.
Three models are available: Passage width 2.5 meters, 3 meters and 3.5 meters.

Laser transmitter


    1. highly visible beam
    2. Automatic Upgrade
    3. Intuitive controls by the operator keys
    4. The operation by one person reduces labor costs
    5. Automatic compensation for level and plumb
    6. Temperature calibrated, high accuracy for consistent performance on the most important projects
    7. Multi-feed option, rechargeable NIMH batteries, direct power or alkaline batteries for reduced capital
    8. Fast setup, minimal training time and automatic self-leveling minimizes operating costs and increases productivity
    9. Rugged, durable, lightweight HR 350 eyes receiver works simply

Control Box 

kb-908Features (control unit)

  1. The IGS is robust, simple operator interface for laser control systems. This is simple to install and use.
  2. This device is designed to be installed in the cabin during operation, and be quickly removed for storage when not in use.
  3. The control box allows the user to manually control the height of the blade, for balancing or rough grading using the LCD display or automatically controlling the dozer blade accurately.
  4. The IGS has valve controls for smooth and fast corrections allowing a more coherent and precise finish. It can be easily moved from the machine to another.

Laser receiver


  1. LED Control Light
  2. Robust design; 100% waterproof
  3. Auto detection and automatic connexionau PA control systems

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